If you are facing a wrongful conviction of arson, choose a top forensic expert to independently investigate your case and support your Arson Defense lawyer.


J. Scrivner investigations is the nation’s top forensic expert that will independently investigate your arson case.


In the past and still today the forensic methods used by prosecution experts to classify a fire as arson are faulty and unreliable.


Any case of wrongful arson conviction is worthy of review and warrants a closer inspection and investigation by a certified expert in fire and cause origin.


Scientific advances have produced more solid conclusions about how fire starts, but they have also raised questions about arson convictions based on evidence generated by out of date methods and thinking mythology. For instance, crazing is a web of cracks in a piece of glass, the thinking used to be that when crazing occurred, it was an indication of arson…now it’s known that it indicates that water hit the heated glass.


It has been maintained that when the burn pattern, crazed glass and alligatoring – wood charred into scale-like pattern – were evidence of a quick, hot fire that would be the result of arson, forensically this thinking has been proven unreliable evidence of arson.


It takes more than one piece of evidence to conclude a fire was intentionally set. Investigators must sift through physical evidence, test it in the lab, interview witnesses and basically assemble surviving pieces of a huge puzzle.


This should be conducted independently in a forensic, scientific process. If there are elements of your case that are not being developed, YOU NEED AN INDEPENDENT, CERTIFIED FIRE AND CAUSE INVESTIGATOR to support your Arson Defense Lawyer, NOW!



It can be noted that there are instances where expectations harbored by local authorities is valued in conducting the scene examination have preexisting perceptions, limiting the observer’s objectivity, therefore lending to their selective attention to evidence. The information collected will be bias tainted and unreliable as conclusive evidence. In a fire cause and origin scene examination the only relevant information are fire patterns, burn indicators, heat damage and other combustion related artifacts.


If you are aware of bias information that has lead to potential, unreliable conclusions….YOU NEED AN INDEPENDENT CERTIFIED FIRE CAUSE AND ORIGIN INVESTIGATOR NOW!



In the recent past the process of elimination was a widely accepted and reasonable way to prove arson cases. If there wasn't a feasible source of ignition then it had to be arson. The process of elimination was part of the scientific method, a science-approved way of ruling arson without any specific evidence.


When a scene examination couldn't produce an ignition source, some came to rely on evidence that indicated that a fire had burned especially hot, fast or a low burning fire indicator, thus became a telltale sign of arson. The thinking behind this was that a fire close to a wall spreads as it goes up and makes a V mark and the accepted myth was that if it was a narrow V, that meant it had to be arson – a fast fire. What is a fast fire? The definition didn't exist. More factors play into a “fast” fire than gasoline, a burst of air or contact with combustibles like fabric or papers can affect the behavior of a fire as much as petroleum.


Be aware that if you hear the term “hot fire” in the preparation for your trial….YOU NEED A CERTIFIED, INDEPENDENT FIRE ORIGIN AND CAUSE INVESTIGATOR, NOW!



Real fire investigations lack the speed, glamour and that is represented on your favorite CSI show. It is an integrate, technical and meticulous process to detect the source of origin of a fire and produce physical evidence of ignition.


Don’t hesitate to contact us as the sooner we can preserve forensic evidence, the better it is for your case.  

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