In Idaho a single mom is falsely accused of arson and is found guilty after two trials and imprisoned. Through the efforts of our arson defense investigator, physical evidence was recovered from the scene long after the fire. After a forensic fire investigation a different origin and cause was determined, and the wrongly convicted arson suspect was released on appeal, plus her felony arson conviction was erased from her record.



In California two small children died in a house fire while their Father was working outside. Felony counts of arson and charges for the deaths were filed two years after the fire. Our cold case investigation "by our arson defense investigator" resulted in dismissal of the arson counts and the falsely accused arson suspect reached a plea bargain for other charges based on negligence.



In Arkansas, a renter had recently purchased a rental Insurance policy, and just a few weeks later had a total loss fire. She was charged with arson in spite of debris lab tests having negative results for accelerants. She also had an alibi, and records showing that there was no financial motive. After a "cold case" investigation by our arson defense investigator, her arson charges were dismissed 3 years after the fire. Though her Insurance Company improperly denied her damage claim and failed to properly investigate, legal action was filed and she collected for her losses.



A was house bought by a family member for lodging while two brothers worked at a nearby Dam. One brother forgot that he left his dinner on the stove while he answered a phone call. The house burned up as a result. The local fire department called the fire "suspicious" and possible arson because another family member had a house fire the previous year. "We haven't had a total loss fire in decades" the Fire Chief stated. Our arson defense investigator was called in, and provided documentation that the fire was accidental after the Insurance Company declined to make prompt payment. After our investigation, the Insurance Company suddenly changed their position and paid the claim.



In Florida, a college nursing student was one class test away from her two year degree, when a small fire started in the school building restroom. She reported the fire and was later falsely charged with arson. Our arson investigator worked with her attorney to have the arson charges dismissed.



In Texas a young man returning from the convenience store at night discovered a car on fire in a vacant lot. He called in the fire to 911. He was later falsely accused of arson. Our arson investigator worked with him and his attorney in this cold case investigation, and aided in dismissal of the arson charges.



A family of 4 and their pet dog lose their home to an electrical fire. The owner became a falsely accused arson suspect, and the insurance company wrongfully denied the owner’s claim. A successful litigation followed and the innocent owners were exonerated due to our investigation and collected for their losses after 1 1/2yrs. The family dog had been so distraught over the loss of the family/his home that he lived in the burnt shell of the home until settlement was completed.  

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