This site is for the innocent who have been falsely accused or convicted of arson. We have investigated arson defense cases in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Florida Texas, New York, Vermont, N. Carolina, Alaska, Minnesota and S. Dakota.


We have Professional Investigators that can help you. We travel nationwide and can be on the site within 24 hrs if urgency required. We work with the Public Defender's Office on arson defense cases with court approval.


Contact us at 509-928-6541 or fill out our online form and we will respond expeditiously. 



We are available to travel to all 50 states to investigate for your defense. We will be there to represent the actual details in court litigation, from an extensive investigation and bring to light the actual findings, and details of the fire cause.



Our arson investigator has over 40 yrs of experience in fire cause and origin investigations, accident/explosion investigations and court room testimony. You can feel confident knowing you have an experienced investigator performing due diligence on your case.



Chapter X of the Code of Ethics for the International Association of Arson Investigators states - "I will bear in mind always that I am a truth-seeker not a case maker; that it is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty".


We are a group of dedicated, experienced, court approved arson and fire investigation experts with a mission. To assist the innocent and wrongly accused to make sure justice and not injustice is accomplished. 

In an Investigation, our goal is to provide the material findings that bring the facts to light. It is important to have a professional arson investigator on the case to ensure evidence is not destroyed and the forensics is handled in a professional manner.

If you've been falsely accused of arson or falsely convicted, we can help you. We will travel nationwide to help assist with your case. Give us a call so we can provide the evidence that will uncover the truth.



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